Monday, 25 May 2015

Why Nobody Talks About It

Generally, no one talks about anxiety and metal health because there is such a misconception about mental health in general.

I know that the main reason why I haven't really spoken to many people about my struggles with my mental health is because people are very quick to judge. They think if you can't see something then it's not real and you're just making it up.

Very early on in my start at high school, I even had a doctor telling me I just had to pull myself together and I just go to school. A trained doctor was even telling me this, someone who is supposed to understand and help you was practically telling me that I was being stupid. If a doctor couldn't understand, how could I expect my peers to understand?

Believe it or not, I've even had people who were supposed to be my friends telling me to get on with it.

During my GCSE's someone who was supposed to be my friend, said that they didn't think anxiety was a real thing, they said that everyone gets nervous and you just have to deal with it. At that moment, I no longer considered them my friend.

One of my closest friends in year 7 and 8 would force me to perform in front of the class in music and drama, because according to them 'it's good for my confidence'. Which it definitely wasn't because every time I had to do it, I'd go home crying. You wouldn't tell someone in a wheelchair to get up and walk. That's what it's like for someone with anxiety to stand up in front of a room of people. A mental barrier is just as bad as a physical one; the only difference is that you can't see it.

If people were just a bit more understanding and open minded about mental health, then maybe more people would actually talk about it and not feel like they're the only one.

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  1. Mental disability can be so overlooked and people can be so ignorant �� Jo xx


  2. Gemma Baldwin
    Thank you Emily for sharing. my daughter Samantha (Manth) says you're very pretty. you should do a you tube blog too. Samantha is 12 and has ASD (aspergers) and her anxiety/OCD is off the scale. we shall both be following your blog. 💛

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