Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Stress Mountain!

Ok so its almost a term and a half into my first year of A-levels and I'm seriously starting to feel the burn of A-levels now! I mean it was my once in a fortnight day off yesterday and I was sitting around literally doing nothing and I was stressed out of my mind! I can't turn my brain off! I try to chill out and its just not happening.

It's like my brain is saying "no you may not stop thinking about random, totally unimportant stuff"
"No you can't stop, you must work. ALWAYS". I'm already stressed out by the time it gets to Monday afternoon and I'm so deep in stress mountain its unreal.

But it's not even as if I'm not enjoying my days. I have a laugh at school and we have great fun, but I'm just so stressed I think I get a little bit obsessive over stuff. The current thing is Star Wars. I can't stop. It won't leave my brain!

Someone stop this madness!!!!