Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Those Teachers...

I found that in high school, although there are some very nice and understanding teachers, there are also some awful, mean teachers. Those teachers that single you out in front of a class of 25+ other people.

Those dreaded moments in the lesson when the teacher asks a question and no one puts their hand up so they pick someone to answer the question. It seems like even though you're trying to look as if you're doing your work so they won't pick on you, they do it any way. Is this like a weird sixth sense that they can almost feel the anxiety radiating from you and think 'I know, I'll be really mean and pick on that one person that is the least comfortable speaking in front of people'. Why? Just why?

My GCSE maths teacher had this pot of lolly sticks that we each had to write our name on one and when there was a question, she would pick a lolly stick from the pot; and the name that is written on it is the person that has to answer the question. In what universe is that idea, something that ANYONE would enjoy, well it isn't. Even for people that don't mind speaking in front of the class that's a bad idea.

In that case there is no technique to avoid being singled out, which sucks. But if the teacher just chooses someone to answer then there are a few techniques that i've picked up.

1. Look as if you're working, even if you're not. Pretend to be reading your work.

2. Don't make eye contact. This works especially well, if you have a teacher that hasn't learnt everyone's names yet. If they can't get your attention, they can't pick on you :)

3. If you have a dictionary handy, look like you're reading that. This works especially well in Foreign Language and English lessons.

4. If you have the choice where to sit, sit in the middle row. When teachers are looking for someone to pick on, they either look towards the front or the back. Because people look to hide at the back, and teachers know that. People at the front are easy targets because they're right there and easy to point at.

These are my tips and tricks for getting through bad lessons, with those teachers that are just mean. From 5 years of practice, one of these will work most of the time.

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