Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Starting A New School

I know that it's not like I'm moving half way through the year. But it is still technically moving schools. Most people from my high school split between three of four different colleges, so there's a fair amount of people who know each other moving to the same school together. But I went into my new school not knowing anyone at all. I could've gone to the same school as everyone else, but I didn't like the college. So I didn't.

I think one of the things that stops people from moving schools is the fact that they won't know anyone. But that was really not an issue for long. And to be honest, I really did make friends a lot quicker than I thought I would.

If you're unhappy at your school, don't stay put just because you think it'll be harder to move. If the place isn't right for you, find a place that is. You shouldn't have to be miserable and anxious throughout your whole school life.

Don't get me wrong, I made some great friends and I did have some great times with them. But like I've said before, being happy with your friends at break time is one thing being happy with school itself is another thing. I still keep in touch and meet up with my friends from high school, even though we don't go to the same school any more.

My advice to anyone who is unhappy at school and is thinking about moving. Just go look at a few schools. You will know pretty quickly whether that school is right for you. So just do the right thing for you. Don't be unhappy just because it feels like the easy way at the time. You'll be so much happier at a school that's right for you.

I hope this helped some of you if you're unsure about what to do.

Thanks for reading :)

Bye x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

2 Years Later

It's taken me 2 years, but yesterday I spent a whole day at school. From 8:30 till 16:00. For a long time I honestly never thought I'd get to a point at which I would go to school and genuinely enjoy it completely. One thing is enjoying spending time with your friends at school. But for me there was always that anxiety at the back of my mind.

I'm starting at an all girls school, which generally means that lessons are quieter and the classes are smaller. The school goes right from reception to the end of sixth form. So there would be girls in the sixth form who might have been at the school for years already and some won't have been there for so long.

I was kind of nervous yesterday because I knew I would be the new girl. It just happened that the girl sitting next to me that got talking to me and introduced me to the rest of her friends. They were all really nice and I found out that they were pretty much doing the same subjects as me, which meant I would already know people in my lessons.

In the morning we had a study skills session, one of the things we had to do was write down 3 of our interests. It was then that I found out they were gamers just like me. Real nerds actually. I've never met any other girls who play video games, so as you can imagine I was over the moon. I already had so much in common with people I'd only met an hour ago.

In the afternoon we had a trip to the beach for the year group to get to know each other. There are only about 30 girls in my year so it was a nice group size. Even though everyone split into their little group of friends. We were able to go to the ice cream parlour to get an ice-cream, which is not anything I've ever done on an induction day before!

I had the best time yesterday. I finally felt like I was like everyone else, and that I didn't have to hide my anxiety away like I've been doing for years. It was just really nice to not feel anxious all the time.

This is a fresh start for me, I can be open about my difficulties, but leave the past behind.

This is going to be a GREAT couple of years.

Thanks for reading,

Bye x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Why Dogs Are The Best!

Up until about 6 years ago I was absolutely terrified of dogs. Right from when I was little I wouldn't even walk past a dog, not even one that was on a lead. My Dad would have to carry me, that's how bad it was. When I was 10 my family decided to get a dog to hopefully help me get past my fear.

So in November 2008 (I think) my dad took me to visit a 13 day old labrador puppy. I knew right then that she was the dog for me. She was so small that I could hold her in two hands and she hadn't even opened her eyes for the first time yet.

10 year old me and 2 week old Leia :)

I think that day was probably the first time in years that I'd even touched a dog and now I was cuddling my own puppy.

We decided to name her Leia (like Princess Leia from Star Wars).

A few weeks later we brought Leia home for the first time and although she was still a baby she was already a giant for her age. And as most puppies are, she was bit crazy and liked to play bite a lot! Which, as you can imagine, was not ideal for me. We had this thing called a pet corrector which is basically an aerosol can that just sprays air at the dog, which makes them jump a bit. It's absolutely harmless.This was very useful for me to have because if Leia was trying to bite or was being a bit silly I could just spray it and she would stop.
2-3 months old.

 As Leia grew up I became more and more confident around other dogs. And now, 6 years later I absolutely love dogs and I honestly will never live without a dog in my life! I read books about dogs, when I see a dog out somewhere I always want to go as stroke it and find out what breed it is.

I love Leia to death! She is the most lovely, caring and sweet dog in the whole world even if she is a complete giant beast of a dog! People think she is a boy because of how huge she is!

I am not too big for this chair!
 When I'm having a bad day Leia is always there to give me hug or sneeze in my face. When I'm stressed or anxious I just need to sit with her and I feel calm again. Spending time with my dog always makes me very happy!
6 years and 3 days after I first met Leia!

For me, spending time just sitting with my dog definitely helps a great deal with my anxiety and stress levels. I don't ever need to say anything to her and she never says anything to me but Leia always seems to know when she's needed. I can just sit with her, quietly and I don't have to talk about what's got me down, or anxious, or stressed.

 I'd like to know whether any of you who have a dog feel the same way about spending time with your dog as I do. I'm pretty sure that it isn't just my dog that is amazing!

For anyone out there who is scared of dogs, I can totally sympathise. And I would 100% recommend getting a dog from a puppy if you want to overcome your fear. Not only did I get over my fear but I got a best friend in the process.

Thanks for reading,

Bye x