Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Keeping Calm: Art Therapy

For ages I was looking for something that I could do to help me when I'm feeling stressed and anxious. I just happened to be looking on Twitter and saw a link to the Art Therapy Colouring Books. So I ordered one of the books and got myself a nice range of colouring pencils.
This is the book!

And honestly, it's amazing. The books are designed for "grown ups". There are so many different designs, that are really detailed so each page is something you can spend time and concentrate on. So far I've only completed one page completely and it took me a couple of days to do it.
I went for an ombre look for my lion.

I think that because I'm concentrating on the page it makes me feel less stressed. It's the sort of thing that you can do whenever you feel like it, and you can pick and chose when you do it. There is also a section of the book for doodling.

Here is the link to the specific book that I have:

There are also a few other books from the same author that have slightly different colouring pages.

I ordered my book from Amazon for £9.09.

I know that there is also a quite big selection of art therapy books available in store at Waterstones.

These books are great and there is something for everyone and I highly recommend getting an Art Therapy Colouring Book. I love mine so much!

Thank you for reading!

Bye x

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