Friday, 5 June 2015

Food Tech Fiascos

Ok, I can't be the only one who hated Food Tech can I? I know that there are probably lots of very nice Food Tech teachers. However, my Food Tech teacher was an awful witch that inspired fear into every single student in the whole entire school!

When there was a practical lesson she would walk round while we'd all been ordered to be silent and she's stop behind you and just look over your shoulder. In my head I would be praying that I wasn't doing anything even slightly wrong. If anyone did ANYTHING wrong she would shout; loudly. Honestly, to this day I have never heard anyone shout like that woman could. You could hear her voice from half way down the hallway, while in another lesson.

I would also pray that I'd got all the right ingredients for that lesson. Even missing one tiny little thing, like salt or a herb seemed like the end of the world and would result in death by humiliation! There was also the time pressure. You have to get in the classroom, prep your work station, prep the ingredients, put everything together, cook it, wash up, clean the work station and put all the equipment back in the right place. All in under an hour. That rarely happened. If I had Food Tech before break time I would probably miss pretty much the whole break because I hadn't finished.

Luckily, I found a solution to this very stressful situation.

1. Having the exact amount of what you need, pre-weighed at home the night before.

2. Chop the ingredients at home before the lesson ( I did it the night before).

3. Read through the recipe a few times, or do a practice run of cooking it so you're familiar with the recipe.

This way when you're doing everything super quickly, your teacher will just think you're really good and you'll end up getting finished much quicker than you would otherwise.

Now, here's the funny bit. At the end of year 9, my school held a celebration evening for year 9s. There were awards for each subject for whichever student had stood out for their skill at that subject. Ironically, I won the Food Tech one! It was my most hated subject right from the first lesson in year 7. And I'm pretty certain that I won the award because of my little tricks that made me look a lot better at it than I actually was!

If Food Tech is a subject that you hate, try using my tips and let me know whether they helped.

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