Monday, 19 September 2016

So I Can Do Exams and Stuff!

I know its been ages since I've done a post, but I've just been mad busy over the last few months with exam season and holidays and school work. So sorry about that :/

Back in May/June time I sat my AS Level exams as well as school exams for the subjects that do the exam at the end of the A Level course. and to be honest it was a super stressful time for me because I had about 3 full lever arch folders worth of work to revise. For Philosophy and Ethics I had about 16 topics to learn, only 8 of which would come up and we didn't know which ones.

So I know people sit exams all the time but I hadn't sat proper exams that give you a qualification since I sat my GCSEs over 2 years ago. And for those of you who have anxiety, you know that sitting in a crowded exam hall for 2 hours is not fun at all. Luckily for the first time I've been given extra time for my exams (I'll explain why I get extra time in another post) so i didn't have quite the same amount of worry about running out of time as I usually would've had.

When I came out of my exams I thought they had gone fine, but I was pretty sure I had got a C or D (which is a pass at A-level) because I didn't know whether I'd written about the right things or named the right scholars in the essays. So anyway, 3 months later results day arrived and I was on holiday, so I had to wait for my results to get emailed through. I wasn't super hopeful of a fantastic grade and I'd been saying to my mum for the last week that I thought at best I would have a C. And well it turns out I got an A in Philosophy and Ethics! Which is the highest grade at AS- level! Now considering I spend my life not quite getting a good grade I was pretty shocked and super happy :) And to be honest, I think everyone was shocked too! the highest grade I'd got the entire year was a B so I wasn't expecting to top that ever again!

So i guess what I've learnt from last year is that if I just try really hard (which is my speciality) I can actually get good grades. And anyone reading who struggles with exams just know that if you're bad at exams you can actually do better than you think because I am notoriously bad at exams compared to class work and I managed a super good grade!

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